Oh, Dear: Deer on the run at Rocky Mountain ski resort in Alberta

Even by Canadian standards, this was a pretty unusual wildlife sighting.

Luke Puxley spotted two mule deer while he was skiing recently at Nakiska Ski Resort, which hosted Calgary’s 1988 Winter Olympics. The Rocky Mountain resort is tucked in Kananaskis Country, a provincial park where wildlife including bears, wolves, cougars, moose, bighorn sheep, elk and deer are fairly commonplace.

But typically, you don’t find them on a busy ski run in the middle of winter.

Puxley came upon the fleet-footed deer as they were passing a chairlift and ran right across a ski run.

“Hey, that’s cool,” he recalled thinking. “I should try to get a video of them.”

And, so he did.

Skier Luke Puxley found himself in an inadvertent race with these critter yet managed to take images of them.

See how they run.

How do I know about all this? I was skiing with Puxley when he – then we – eyed the deer.

I quickly snapped a few photos.

The gloves are off and the iPhone is out.


Of him taking a video of the deer.


Fleet-footed mule deer are on the run.


How’s that for meta?


Behold, Luke Puxley taking a video while skiing with deer on a ski run.

Photos Luke Puxley, Dawn Walton


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