Oh, Deer Fight Club: Bucks caught boxing on camera

This is the most amazing 11-second boxing match you will ever see.

Wildlife officers in Tennessee captured an incredible video of two bucks duelling.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency  says the squabble was over food, though it’s mildly more fun to imagine they were battling over the affection of a lady white-tailed deer.

“It’s time to get those trail cameras out,” the agency notes in its Facebook post.

“We are thrilled that TWRA’s Wildlife Officers Amy and Bubba Spencer caught this great duel on one of their trail cameras,” it added. “Amy and Bubba think these two bucks were working out their issues over a small food plot in Hardeman County.”

It’s not clear who won, but does it matter?

This is freaking incredible.

Photos Tennesse Wildlife Resources Agency/Facebook

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