Oldest panda in captivity Jia Jia dies at age 38 in Hong Kong’s Ocean Park

The world’s oldest living panda in captivity has died in Hong Kong after her health rapidly went downhill over the last two weeks.

Ocean Park in Hong Kong announced the death of Jia Jia on its Facebook page Sunday.

The park said Jia Jia’s weight went down over 71 kilogram to 67 kilogram and she lost her appetite.

On Sunday morning, Jia Jia’s situation dramatically turned and she stopped moving and just laid on the ground while staff tried to reduce her pain.

Later that day, a vet at the marine park agreed to put Jia Jia down rather than let her continue suffering.

The park said a giant panda’s average life expectancy in the wild is less than 20 years old and pandas in captivity generally live to around 20. In the Facebook post, zoo officials said:

“For us, especially for the staff who have taken care of Jia Joa for years, this day still came too early, even though we were mentally prepared. It is still extremely upsetting.

A memorial will be held at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Richie Jen Museum for Jia Jia on Oct 22.


h/t: Ocean Park Facebook

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