“Operation Rock Wallaby” has carrots and sweet potatoes air-dropped into fire-ravaged Australia

It must seem like a gift from the heavens for hungry and parched wallaby colonies.

The government of New South Wales, Australia is air-dropping carrots and sweet potatoes to feed animals who survived the bushfires only to find themselves without food and water.

Matt Kean, Minister for Energy and Environment for NSW, tweeted images of “Operation Rock Wallaby.”

Carrots are being dropped from aircraft. Matt Kean/Twitter

Thousands of kilograms of food — dropped in a single day — is now feeding animals that may have survived the fire, but are now finding their food supplies destroyed.

Water is also being brought in, according to the state.

“One happy customer,” Keen wrote.

It’s part of an ongoing effort to help the species.

And others.

But as Kean points out — this may not be a one-off effort.

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Photos Matt Kean/Twitter

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