Opossum family moves in to family’s grill in North Carolina

This might be the best real-life knock-knock, who’s there, you’ve ever seen.

Twitter user Cat Cozzi posted a video from her home in North Carolina of an opossum that is holed up in her barbecue.

The critter became so comfortable, she even had babies there.

The video is 18-seconds of cinematic genius.

First Cozzi knocks on the drawer with BBQ tongs.

“Gotta make sure everyone decent,” she says, adding, “It was the first time opening it since we found it so we just wanted to be on the safe side in case momma got upset our arms wouldn’t be down there!”

Then, Cozzi slowly opens the drawer to a mother opossum, who is clearly concerned about her privacy.

Mouth agape, she hisses her displeasure.

Opossum family moving on up in North Carolina. Cat Cozzi/Twitter

But in the cutest possibly way.

And the door slowly closes.

And now we’re all big fans of opossums.

And turns out she’s not the only one with a freeloader.

Even Chrissy Teigen can’t get enough of it.

And don’t worry, this little family is safe and sound.

“They get to stay as long as they don’t get near my horses :),” Cozzi says.

Photos cat_cozzi/Twitter

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