Oregon State Police officer catches cat in the act

Talk about having the reflexes of a cat.

This Oregon trooper caught a kitty escape artist during a recent traffic stop.

“You think you’re having a Monday, how do you think he feels,” Oregon State Police tweeted Oct. 5. “Those are some #FastHands, scratched up, but fast.”

The 16-second cruiser dashcam video shows the officer at the passenger door when an orange cat suddenly leaps from the window. The trooper snatches the frisky feline from midair and juggles it a bit before shoving the cat back through the window.

“Wanna roll up the window. Roll the window up,” he urges the driver.

The driver is clearly apologetic.

“It’s alright,” the officer replied. I”m glad he didn’t get on the freeway.”

Police shared the video on social media with some tips for travelling pet owners.

“Secure your animals in a car. It isn’t only for driver safety, but pet safety as well.”

Photo: Oregon State Police/Twitter

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