Orphaned baby rhino Thor has giddy fun with GoPro strapped to his head

Critterfiles readers know that when you strap a GoPro on any animal, some magical mishaps will happen.

Over the years, we’ve seen:

A dog film her owners’ snow wedding using a GoPro

A cheetah going really super fast while wearing a GoPro

A close-up of a lion hug

Here’s the view from a “rhino-cam.”

Care for Wild Africa put a GoPro on an orphaned baby rhino named Thor.

Gary Schneider, who directs Working with Rhinos, put the GoPro on Thor, a two-year-old rhino who was orphaned at the age of two weeks when his mother was killed by poachers.

Thor is seen playing and napping with other rhinos but mostly the shots are of him gleefully trotting along and eating.

Working with Rhinos is an official partner of the Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary.

For more information about volunteering at Care for Wild Africa, please visit: http://workingwithrhinos.org/

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