Orphaned deer taken, but returned to adopted home in Quebec

An orphaned deer is getting a second chance in her unusual home after being seized by wildlife officials in Canada.

But it wasn’t easy.

The deer, named May, was taken last week – her parents would go as far to say “kidnapped” – from her adoptive family in the Laurentians of Quebec.

Brigitte Thomas and her husband Yves, have been caring for the deer for four-and-a-half years since her mother was killed in a car accident. They named her May after the month she was born, scooped her up and have become her loving family ever since.


Out of the blue last week, wildlife agents went to the family’s home after receiving an anonymous tip. They seized the deer. After all, it’s illegal to keep wildlife as pets in the province.

The deer, while roamed pretty freely outside in a fenced area, did also spend some time indoors, plopping down on a cushion and watching TV, according to CBC.

“It’s been almost 48 hours since our may is gone,” the couple posted on a Facebook page called May. “We are very worried about her health, because the longer it takes more time she risk of depression. We are her only family over and she finds herself in a strange place….. we want to thank all the people who endure us it’s really amazing….”

The Facebook page was part of a social media campaign, as well as a petition, which was signed by thousands, to urge government officials to have a change their minds. Though some still thought the wild animal be kept as a pet.

“It is very appreciated all your comments, it warms the heart and for the people disagree, we did may not be the perfect solution but she came from our heart. Who are these people to judge us who were not in norte situation? We do not want that may spend weeks in refuge, so we need help of specialists to help us formulate a permit application,” the family posted. “…This is the first time in 4 1/2 years that we are separated from may of more than a day.”

And then some good news. A special permit was issued to allow the Thomas family to keep May.

“Indeed, we are aware that no one is obliged to ignore the law,” the couple wrote. “We know that we will no doubt fines to pay and we are okay. We are committed to obtain the permit required.”

And then, over the weekend, this post:

May was home. With a sparkly new ear tag.


The couple, and their supporters, are elated.

“A big thank you to the media, to the team from the ministry of the protection and management of wildlife, Mr Yves St-Denis, MP Argenteuil, to you, dear audience to have shouldered our cause as well as to our families and friends .
Yves and Brigitte”

h/t CBC Photos May/Facebook



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