Ottawa beekeepers stung by theft of 30,000 bees

Some Grinch pulled off one honey of a heist in Canada’s capital region over the Christmas holiday.

Matt and Marianne Gee figure they have saved more than 1 million honeybees since first rescuing a colony in their home a while back. But now, the Ottawa couple behind Gees Bees Honey Company is looking for a saviour of their own.


They say someone snatched more than 30,000 bees sometime over the holiday. They have turned to social media, the press and police to help solve the sticky crime.

“As some of you will know, Matt and I had two beehives stolen from the Arcadia development site in Kanata,” the couple wrote on Facebook. “We are hoping that someone out there might have seen who stole them or know where they have gone. Any information is greatly appreciated – thanks for sharing.”


They have filed a police report, but worry the bees may already be dead.

“I am heartbroken,” Marianne wrote on Facebook. “Our two beehives were STOLEN from Kanata ,ON between December 19th and December 25th. They are BEIGE instead of white, with unpainted wooden lids, and had 3 Minto stickers on each one. They were located in a back field behind the Arcadia development at Huntmar Dr and Campeau. If you have seen them or have any information that can help us find them, please message me. Thank you.”


“It’s maddening,” she added. “It’s hard enough with bears, mites, pesticides, huge temperature flux, and now we all have to worry about bee thieves. I’m still teary.”

And, they wonder if they have a thief lurking among their ranks.

“It’s so sad to think that another beekeeper would steal someones bees…or maybe they know a bit but not a lot – bumped around in the back of a vehicle in December couldn’t have been easy on them,” Marianne wrote.


Photos Gees Bees Honey Company/Marianne Gee/Facebook

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