Owl family adopts abandoned owlet after nest destroyed

Sometimes animal rescue groups really need to think outside the box.

Take Animal Rahat in India.

The group stepped in to save an owlet when a tree fell and destroyed the baby’s nest back in July.

Rescuers first set up a new birdhouse for the poor little owl. But the bird’s parents never returned. What’s worse, nobody locally would foster the abandoned owl because of the belief that owls bring bad luck.

Animal Rahat tried a unique approach, which they are now sharing in a heartwarming video.

“Staff members placed the orphaned owlet in a different artificial nest that they’d built for another owl family who had lost two of their four babies when their own nest had been destroyed,” the group explained.

It worked.

Just as the group hoped, the parents cared for the orphan along with their own two babies.

And the new siblings “snuggled” right up to the new member of the family.

A new family of three owlets. Animal Rahat/YouTube

“It was a leap of faith because it’s uncommon for birds to adopt babies who aren’t their own, but in this case, it worked perfectly!” the group explained.

And an even better update: The owlet has grown up healthy and strong.

One lucky owl. Animal Rahat/YouTube

The folks at PETA are now sharing the feel-good story.

“Because rescuers refused to give up, this baby owl is living the way every wild animal deserves to live: free in nature with a family who loves her,” the animal rights group wrote.

All because some animal lovers cared enough to give a hoot.

Photos Animal Rahat

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