Owl hit by truck, stuck in grill rescued by wildlife officers in Alberta

This is one lucky duck. Or rather, owl.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife intervened after an owl was hit by a truck and somehow lodged itself in the front grill. That’s when a wildlife officers were called in and cut a hole to free the bird.

“This may be the luckiest owl we’ve ever seen!” Alberta Fish and Wildlife posted on its Facebook page Tuesday.

“To everyone’s surprise, the owl was still strong and feisty, flapping its wings and using its beak on its would-be rescuer,” officials added.


Officials in the central Alberta community of Camrose kept an eagle eye on the bird before declaring it in peak form and setting it free.

Seriously, this is one tough bird.


“The officer released it under a full moon, and it never looked back,” wildlife officers said.

Photos Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement/Facebook

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