Owl inadvertently hatches baby duck in Florida

Audubon Everglades shared the most wonderful love story.

A local photographer told the West Palm Beach-based group she spotted a baby duck peering out a roost in her backyard.

Laurie Wolf said the duckling was by itself, calling for its parents.

And that reminded her of the time three- to four-weeks-ago when she saw a female Wood Duck remove a duck egg from a box that had been raided by something. It then flew toward the roost with it.

But then it was gone.

“We lost it in the trees and didn’t want to disturb it,” Wolf told the folks at Audubon.

Instead, when she gazed into the yard, she spied a wee owl with the baby duck.

“But we believe she put it in this box and the owl hatched it,” Wolf added.

Bird nerds all over were ga-ga over the odd couple

Photos Laurie Wolf/Audubon Everglades/Facebook

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