Patriots vs Falcons: Animals place their bets for Super Bowl 2017

We admit it. We are biased in Super Bowl 51 pick.

The Atlanta Falcons, of course, is our choice over the New England Patriots. Sorry, Tom Brady. But we have to go with our feathered friends.

Of course, the internet has weighed in with its animal prognosticators.

Jimmy Fallon unleashed his annual puppy predictors on the Tonight Show.

And, the majority of the puppies made a bee-line to the Falcons.

But Jimmy Fallon doesn’t have the monopoly on critter predictions.

Teddy Bear the porcupine has a 4:1 record in selecting Super Bowl winners. Can the talkative critter get it right this year?


Behold. A hamster named Gibble making his pick.

Falcons for the win.

There is also this bunny, named Buns, who has a knack at picking winners, including the last two Super Bowl champions as well as the gender of an unborn child.

Falcons, according to bunny math. Rabbits, after all, are very good at multiplication.

A pair of pugs from Oregon even caught the eye of Jimmy Kimmel. They’ve been right for the past five years.

A grizzly bear named Tommo, who resides at the North Carolina Zoo, also weighed in.

Falcons, it seems, will take the cake.

The Fort Worth Zoo put its orangutan, PT, through her paces.

“She immediately went for the football-shaped piñata with the Atlanta Falcons logo on it and we’re hoping she’s correct and will maintain the Zoo’s winning record of correctly predicting the Super Bowl victors five out of the last seven years,” the zoo said.

The Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park hopped in the game, dispatching two cheetahs.

And, it was a split decision.

Then there are these amazing fellas. Poison dart frogs are making the Super Bowl leap at Moody Gardens.

Falcons, again.

Here’s another dog, who happens to have an enviable record of being right.

And picks, this year, the Patriots.

But Yowie, may queen of the canine guessing game, predicting every single playoff game winner.

And what of the Super Bowl? Will she have a perfect record?

Congratulations, Falcons.

We shall see. But the Falcons better win. Especially since nobody wants to disappoint these guys, from the Zoo Atlanta.

Super Bowl LI kicks off this afternoon at 4:30 at NRG Stadium in Houston.

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