Paw Patrol: Anchorage Police help apprehend black bear on the lam

In most places, a police pursuit of a bear through the “urban jungle” would be an unusual sight. But in Alaska, it’s just another Thursday night.

The Anchorage Police Department recently captured some amazing video of a black bear wandering – and running – through the city’s downtown. Little wonder that video montage of the slow-speed chase quickly amassed more than 1 million views on the department’s Facebook page and tens of thousands more on YouTube.

It’s 3-minutes of awesome.

“Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to catch an eluding suspect… especially when they are wild, unpredictable and have four feet,” police wrote.


“This black bear went on a tour of downtown Anchorage last night and fortunately no one was hurt,” police wrote on Sept. 16.

That tour included a cruise by a local Pizza Hut.


It also toured through some residential areas, tried to dig under and fence and climb a tree before Fish and Wildlife intervened to “peacefully apprehend the bear.”


Police also used the “rare encounter” to remind people to keep as much distance as possible from wildlife.

Photos Anchorage Police Department/Facebook

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