Peel police officer’s “high risk task” saves skunk with cup stuck on head

What probably started as a sweet treat left one skunk in a sticky situation.

But Peel Regional Police, just west of Toronto, came to the rescue of the little stinker with a cup jammed on its head. And, another officer captured the entire ordeal on video, which was posted to social media this weekend.

“Yup,” a police officer can be heard saying off camera. “That is a skunk with a McFlurry cup on its head.”

Exhibit A: A skunk with a cup. Photo: Peel Regional Police/Facebook

Constable Zamani cautiously approaches the wayward victim of littering.

“An officer of the month here is trying to avoid all attempts to get sprayed,” his partner says from the safety of the cruiser.

Const. Zamani is on the case. Photo: Peel Regional Police/Facebook

He’s persistent in pursuit of justice for the skunk.

This won’t be one that got away. Photo: Peel Regional Police/Facebook

“Let’s see if he’s successful,” this parter says. “Oh, he did it. He did it! He did it! Atta boy.”

Case closed. Photo: Peel Regional Police/Facebook

Chalk it up as a win for the good guys.

“What do you get when a Police officer and a skunk cross? Law and Odour,” police wrote. “Great job by Constable Zamani for taking this high risk task and helping out a furry friend in need.”

And a gentle reminder for everyone.

“Be mindful not to litter, keep our community safe and clean,” police added.

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