Pepper’s big adventure at JFK finally ends at cops capture rogue airport cat

For a week, Pepper was on the lam.

The 4-year-old tabby cat was to board a flight from New York’s JFK International Airport bound for China with her owner back on April 20. But when the kitty’s kennel fell and the door popped open, Pepper made a run for it.

Pepper’s 29-year-old owner, a lawyer who was relocating from Jersey City to China, was in tears.

Pepper was seemingly not interested in the big move.

Despite traps and food offerings, the cat remained at large.

Not impressed: The Port Authority Police.

Finally, on Saturday, Pepper’s life at the terminal came to an end.

That’s largely thanks to the help of the owner’s friend, Nuan Tang, who had cared for the cat before.

Call it Operation: Little Dork.

When Tang called for Pepper by her Mandarin name, Dai Meng, which loosely translates to “little dork,” the cat seemed to recognize the voice.

And food treats on hand also helped.

Officer Kameel Juman and Tang were then able to grab the rogue kitty.

Pepper’s owner is over the moon, according to Tang.

And now, Pepper will be sent on her way overseas.

Guaranteed: The carrier will be very secure.

So long, Pepper.

Pepper remained on the run at JFK for a week. Nuan Tang/Twitter

Photos Port Authority PBA/Twitter

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