Pet owners play Santa for their fur babies at Christmas

People love Christmas — and so do their pets. At least, people treat them like they do.

A recent survey by pet food company, Wild Earth, has found almost 94 per cent of pet owners will do something special for their pets during the holidays.

Fifty-eight per cent of respondents said they will buy their pets a gift. Which explains all the sniffing at wrapped presents under the tree.

A cat displays annual ownership over the Christmas tree.

A full 33 per cent said they will dress up their pets for the special occasion. Which explains the jingle bells — and trashed costumes — all over the house.

This cat does not want to wear a Christmas crown.

One in four will do a pet photo shoot. Because, who doesn’t love seeing a pooch or a kitty in a family Christmas photo card?

And, 41 per cent of respondents said they make their fur babies a special meal.

“Bone appétit!,” say the folks at Wild Earth. “The holidays are the time to try out new recipes and cook your family’s traditional favorites. You can whip up a special dish for your pet using clean, high-protein ingredients such as spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots and even cranberry sauce.”

No guarantee they’ll eat the cranberry sauce, though.

Dog waits patiently near Christmas tree. No presents were destroyed in the taking of this photo.

Treats though. Those will definitely be gobbled up.

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