Pet psychic finds stolen chickens: a true story

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When Frances Uhran discovered her chickens had vanished from a friend’s farm, she did what any good pet detective would do: she turned to the Internet and a psychic.

The Grand Valley, Ont. woman, who breeds a variety of types of chickens, including silkies, known for their fluffy, soft plumage. She enters some some of her birds in shows. Others keeps others as family pets. This fall, a number of her  her birds were being kept at the farm of a fellow chicken breeder in Wakefield, Que. when unbeknownst to either of them, a bird-brained plot was being hatched.



About two dozen of Uhran’s birds vanished sometime between Nov. 23-26.  Urhan began posting photos in local feed, pet and grocery stores – and asked her friends and other feather enthusiasts to do the same. She also spread the word on social media and other websites hoping some crowdsourcing would do the trick. 

“These birds are of great sentimental value to their owners  (owners include children),” she posted on Kijiji, the online buy and sell auction site.  “Many of them are not common.  Most are quite identifiable. The owners are asking for the immediate return of these birds, no questions or further involvement will be asked.  Our concern is the return of our pets.”
The list of the missing was a virtual who’s who of the chicken world.
It included Princess, a 5-week old Lavender Silkie as well as Blue Silkie chicks, that require heat if kept outside in order to survive. Also gone was a bird named Silk, a 1-year-old grey Silkie hen, her kids’ pet. A standard Wheaten Ameraucana Rooster, particularly recognizable because half his comb curls sideways, was also among the missing. So was a 6-month-old Mille Fleur Cochin Bantam hen, of which there are very few in Canada. Another pair of rare birds, speckled Jubilee Orpingtons, were also gone.
Please know that we do not put ANY fault on the person who these birds were sold to, as you were misled,” Uhran wrote on Kijiji. “We are willing to compensate any funds that you paid for the birds and expenses you’ve incurred while caring for them.”
Uhran finally caught a break from an unexpected source.

“We were given a lead on who had them by a pet psychic,” she said in an in an interview on Dec. 16. “Lauren Bode donated her services – 100 per cent accurate!”

The birds were found about 15 minutes away with a new owner. The alleged thief was apparently embroiled in a domestic dispute and the chickens were caught in the middle.

“The person who he sold to came forward did not realize situation,” Uhran said.

The birds are to be returned to Uhran on Wednesday. They are all said to be in good health.

“Boy, it is gonna be a big party when we get them home,” she said. “Treats for the chickens; drinks for us!”


It was bittersweet reunion.

Silk, the beloved pet of Uhran’s children, died during the ordeal. The other surviving chickens and roosters are in rough shape suffering from frostbite and overall lack of proper care. They have pale combs, are skinny and lethargic, Uhran said.

“We will have our work cut out for us to nurse them back to health,” she added. “I am preparing special high-protein, high-fat meals, heat lamps, antibiotics.”

The birds will also be put in quarantine in case they picked up any diseases from the other flock where they were being kept. On the bright side, two young chicks that were kept in the house are doing really well.

“They made out the best,” Uhran said.

Photos Frances Uhran


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