Pet Therapy: Boy who lost leg to cancer adopts three-legged dog

Humanity could take some tips from this boy.

Quinn was diagnosed with cancer as a baby and then again at age 10. Doctors eventually amputated his right hip and leg to put the brakes on the invasive disease. But Quinn had his own plan to manage the disease.

“Right after the surgery, I wanted a dog with three legs,” Quinn recalls. “That was the first thing I said when I woke up.”

Now, after two years of pestering his family for just such a pooch, he did just that.

Logan, a pit bull terrier, had a front leg amputated. The animal was at the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento and was looking for a home.

Quinn’s family knew it was meant to be.

“That dog had so much love to give! He was so perfect for Quinn. Lots of tears were shed that afternoon. Happy tears, of course,” says Quinn’s mother.

Now, the courageous boy and his playful dog are inseparable.

Now, the Front Street Shelter is asking supporters to help the facility win the Holiday Wishes People’s Choice Award from Petco Foundation. It comes with a $25,000 grant, which would go a long way to care for animals at the shelter.

“This is the most incredible story our shelter has ever seen,” the shelter posted on Facebook.

Quinn’s mother witnessed the transformation firsthand.

“I never could possibly have imagined how having Logan would completely transform him,” she told Petco. “Going through cancer treatment as a child is an extremely isolating experience, and now Quinn is never alone. Not only does he always have Logan by his side, but he feels as if he has someone who actually knows what he’s experienced and what he continues to face.”

As Quinn says: “Logan just gets me.”

Proof positive of the healing power of animals.

“Now Quinn is more confident and positive,” Quinn’s mother adds. “And with the help of Logan, after having battled cancer twice and enduring things that no child should, he can get back to the business of being a kid—fearlessly!”

Nothing can come between a boy and his dog.

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