Photo of Ukraine woman carrying two cats, wheeling luggage, her dog on leash with its own pack goes viral

More than two million Ukraines have fled their war-torn country taking only their most valuable belongings, including their cats, dogs and even rabbits.

One photo that has gone viral shows a determined refugee walking with two cats peering from a pack strapped on her chest and a dog on a leash also carrying items.

Other photos show dogs and cats in backpacks and in makeshift carrying cargos as refugees arrived in surrounding countries.

In Lviv, Olha and her family were approaching the Polish border with their dog Yoga in tow.

She said when it came time to leave, there was no doubt Yoga would be making the journey with the family.

“And if they don’t let us go further to Poland or anywhere without a dog, we’ll stay here,” Olga said of attempting to cross the border out of Ukraine with the family pet. 

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