Pig attacked and stabbed in heart by two men

An animal sanctuary in Duncan, B.C., is urgently seeking a foster home for a pig that was stabbed multiple times in the Victoria area.

Michelle Singleton, founder and president of A Home for Hooves Farm Sanctuary, says they were told about the stabbing by an alleged witness.

“Last week, we had an individual reach out to us in regards to the situation, just letting us know that [the pig] was attacked and a couple of men had tried to kill him by stabbing him in the heart,” said Singleton.

“But they didn’t know what they were doing, so essentially all they did was cause several injuries on the left side of his body,” she said.

Singleton said an investigation has been launched by the SPCA. The pig has been given the name Cyrus.

The person who watched the incident contacted the RCMP and the SPCA before reaching out to A Home for Hooves, she said.Singleton says the SPCA has launched an animal cruelty investigation and the animal sanctuary is looking for someone to foster the 360-kilogram pig because the Duncan charity is full.

“Right now we’re currently home to nearly 180 rescued farm animals, so I don’t have room for him on the property that the sanctuary is currently located on,” said Singleton.

“We have 49 pigs in our care at the moment so he will be the 50th pig that we will be looking after,” she said.

The massive Yorkshire pig is being picked up by Singleton on Thursday. She hopes to keep him on Vancouver Island, if possible.

A vet who works with the sanctuary looked at the pig earlier this week.

Singleton said the attack on Cyrus doesn’t appear to be life-threatening.

His wounds are healing well and it doesn’t appear that he will have permanent damage from the attack. There is something going on with his back right leg, you can see him repeatedly lift it in the video, which is likely dermatitis between his hooves. He will be moving into foster care this Sunday and we are very excited to welcome him into our family.

Singleton said the 800-pound intact Yorkshire pig had been inflicted with stabs wounds that are visible.

This is the worst case of animal cruelty that I have personally been involved in. In an effort to end his life he was stabbed numerous times in a failed attempt to stab him in the heart; you can see the lacerations on his side.

This fella has to be moved by this Sunday and he is a boar, who will be neutered, but he will need strong fences to ensure he doesn’t try to wander looking for some ladies.

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