Pig farmers have a change of heart, realize pigs are not “bacon”

From PETA comes this heart-warming story.

A husband and wife farming team in Virginia had a plan. They were going to raise some pigs and then make a tidy profit by selling them.

But along the way, the more they got to care, feed and know the pigs, the more they realized that pigs were beings, not “bacon.”

The couple called PETA, and the organization jumped at the chance to make sure that 11 piglets never wound up on anyone’s dinner plate.

where there's no fear of bacon
Fear not of becoming bacon

Heather Johnson with PETA says the farmers had gotten the pigs to breed and then the plan was to sell them.

“These pigs have gotten really lucky. Their former owners decided they didn’t want them to be eaten and had gotten attached to them. They had become part of the family.

PETA took custody of them and immediately transported them to a veterinary office, where they were all examined, microchipped, and given a clean bill of health.

The piglets spent that night at PETA’s Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters, the Sam Simon Center, in a room prepared especially for them with lots of fluffy straw to root through and fresh veggies to munch on.

Ready for transport
On way to new life

The following morning, they embarked on an eight-hour drive to their permanent home—the 110-acre Catskill Animal Sanctuary in upstate New York, a safe haven for hundreds of rescued cows, pigs, chickens, horses, and other farmed animals.


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