Pigeon carrying backpack loaded with drugs captured in Kuwait

A most unusual drug mule was nabbed in Kuwait.

Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai reported the bizarre bust of a homing pigeon saddled with a tiny backpack loaded with drugs.

“In a new incident that may be the first of its kind in drug trafficking, Abdali customs officers seized 178 narcotic pills wrapped around a bird,” the newspaper said.

Drug-laden pigeon captured in Kuwait/Al Rai

Typically – or at least in the olden days, and during wars – carrier pigeons were used to pass messages.

But in this case, customs officers followed the flight of a pigeon heading in from Iraq.

It was seized near the customs’ office, according to Al Arabiya English, effectively clipping the wings of the drug runner.

Backpack carrier drugs on a homing pigeon/Al Rai

Naturally, the internet was a twitter over it.

(Including, of course, by me.)

Photos Al Rai Media

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