Pit bull horrifically abused with removal of its front paws

This is Liberty the pitbull who was found with her front paws missing.

Liberty was picked up in Montgomery County in Texas by animal control. Her owner has not been identified.

By the time she was rescued on Thursday, her wounds were open and raw and she was severelyl emaciated.

Initially the veterinarians at Texas Animal Society where Liberty was taken thought she might have had a birth defect. But after x-rays, they found out the removal of her front paws were deliberate. 

The conclusion was that the amputation was either deliberate or she was hit by a car and dragged or she might have been injured and chewed off her paws. The vet is 100 per cent certain that the abuse was deliberate.

These animals have lives and feelings just like we do,” said Minda Harris with Texas Animal Society.

You think you have seen the worst no sure enough tomorrow morning worse will pop up.”

Fortunately, a foster mother has been found and liberty’s wounds have been cleaned and treated. A vet believes Liberty lost her front paws three to four weeks ago and she’s about a year old.

It’s likely she will need a specialty wheelchair or prosthetic limbs. Donations have already started to pour in.


h/t: Facebook Texas Animal Society 

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