Pit bull puppy stolen after owner met thieves online home safe and sound

It’s a Christmas miracle.

A pit bull puppy stolen almost three month ago in Surrey, British Columbia, has been found and reunited with his owner. The dognapping suspects, however, are still on the loose.

“This file is still under investigation,” RCMP said Thursday.

The bold theft on the lower mainland prompted a police warning. Pet owners should be wary about selling their animals to people they meet online.

Tank was only 8-weeks-old when his owner met a potential buyer at Fleetwood Park on Sept. 28.

That’s where one male suspect grabbed the puppy while a second man stole the victim’s cell phone and punched her in the face. The thieves took off in a brown Toyota Tercel and the men are described as South Asian and in their 20s.

One suspect was wearing a black hoodie with “Crooks” and a picture of Monopoly’s “Rich Uncle Pennybags” on it. The other man was wearing a blue sweatshirt and a red hoodie.

We don’t have there photos, but here’s another one more look a Tank as a puppy.

My how you’ve grown.

Photos RCMP handouts

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