Plaaaaaay Ball! Jake the Diamond Dog also fetches bats, brings water

Who needs a ball boy when you have Jake the Diamond Dog.

The plucky pooch showed up at a Fort Wayne TinCaps game this week, wowing the crowd — and bringing water to umpires.

Jake has been a fixture at minor-league games for years.

This time, even Sports Illustrated sat up and took notice.

Jake is “the best darn dog in professional baseball,” according to his website.

Jake the Diamond Dog takes a break/Facebook

He may well be baseball’s premier player with four paws.

“A utility player that does it all,” he website notes. “Always a fan favorite. Jake is one of the most original acts in the game. Barnstorming across America to ballparks where his full-game performance includes: delivering the game ball to the pitcher, shagging foul balls, taking water and towels to the umps, playing batboy, catching Frisbees and honoring the Sweetheart of the Game.”

And Jake doesn’t stay put with one team. He travels all over.

His trainer is Jeff “Dawg Man” Marchal.

While the internet may have just discovered Jake, fans have been enjoying the diamond dog for quite a while.

Bringing not just water, but balls onto the field.

Jake is just the best.

Jake the Diamond Dog is a very good dog/Facebook

With mad skills.

Also, confirmed the cutest.

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