Dr. Who, all 12 of them, re-imagined as Dogtors

Our minds were blown when we saw artist Christie Cox’ take on Dr. Who re-imagined as different breeds of dogs.

There’s a Greyhound, Boston terrier, sheepdog, flandoodle, yellow lab, cocker spaniel, basset hound, irish setter, schnauzer, doberman pinscher, long-haired chihuahua, mutt and an Irish wolfhound. Here’s Christie Cox explaining how she chose them.

I chose the dogs to use mainly based on looks….and to get a variety of sizes to make it more visually interesting. I understand that there are other options, maybe even better ones that I didn’t think of because there are sooooo many types of dogs!! I am supremely happy with my choices, and I think they all look like their respective Doctors!”

drwhoscarfPerhaps the most famous Dr. Who, Tom Baker, has a lab look-alike, complete with his trademark striped colour scarf.

Our favourite, Christopher Eccleston, has an intense Doberman doppleganger. Christopher Eccleston.jpg







As Christie explains on her Facebook site, she had no idea her Dogtors would be so popular.

About a week to go until my debut at Megacon (as an artist)! My Dogtor Who drawings have now not only been reblogged by the official Doctor Who tumblr, but they’ve been featured on 5 different websites, including the Nerdist!

Does all this make you miss Dr. Who and Sarah-Jane, the K-9 robot dog?

h/t: DeviantARTMetro UK

Photo credit: Christie Cox

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