Polar bear in Argentina misses snow, yearns for Canada

Poor Arturo the polar bear living in a zoo in Argentina is still stuck in South America.

The Assiniboine Park Conservancy has tried to get the Mendoza Zoo in Argentina to ask whether the zoo would transfer Arturo. Pictures of the 28-year-old bear yearning for snow has been circulating on the Internet.

The photo of Arturo face down in a small patch of snow makes him look awfully sad.

Greenpeace has gathered a petition with over 160,000 signatures urging Mendoza Zoo and the Canadian government. Arturo is the last polar bear living in Argentina.

The Canadian government was willing to take Arturo but because Mendoza didn’t keep records dating back far enough, the polar bear didn’t have the travel documents needed to let him into the country. The Assiniboine Park Conservancy’s chief operations officer Don Perkins said the paperwork wasn’t in order.

There are very strict regulations that must be met to bring an animal into Canada.”

Sweltering conditions at the zoo have sparked a lot of concerns that the polar bear is miserable. Videos of Arturo show him staring at a picture of snow. 

h/t: Yahoo News

Photo credit:  Twitter

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