Polar bears feast on dead whale in front of an audience in Alaska

Even in Alaska, this is not something you see everyday.

But Sandra Chandler was among those lucky enough to spot more than a dozen polar bears feasting on the carcass of a whale.

“Everyone gets along when there is enough for all,” the Alaska Life noted on its post with the incredible video. “Polar bears on Alaska’s North Slope feast on the remains of a whale!”

The kids, however, in Chandler’s back seat as she was filming seem far more interested in playing with toys.

But to see so many polar bears in once place is nothing short of amazing.

Perhaps even more peculiar are all the people just standing around outside their vehicles watching the bears.

Polar bear feast draws an audience. Sandra Chandler/Facebook

The video was actually taken in November, 2013.

And the whale wasn’t likely beached, but instead it’s the remains after a traditional whale hunt.

“Just thought I’d share this video of the polar bears eating what’s left after they were done cutting up the whale,” Chandler wrote.

Photos Sandra Chandler/The Alaska Life/Facebook

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