Police officer, fire chief rescue dog stranded on ledge over waterfall in British Columbia

Officials called it a “rare and risky” canine rescue in Logan Lake, B.C.

Chevy, an American bulldog terrier cross, had become stuck on a ledge part way down a cliff overlooking Mimi Falls in the B.C. interior.

That was the morning of April 28 when an elderly couple and their 8-year-old, 70-pound dog set out on the popular trail southwest of Kamloops. But it was only recently police shared the rescue tale.

“Chevy, who was a rescue herself, had become stuck in a precarious position overlooking the 30-meter deep rocky canyon,” RCMP Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey, said in a statement Friday.

Chevy out on a ledge. Photo: RCMP/Margot Wikjord 

Someone else came upon what was happening, but none of them were able to retrieve Chevy.

Instead, the bystander hiked back on the trail to cell service to contact the local RCMP detachment for help. The fire chief of the Logan Lake Volunteer Fire Department also responded.

RCMP Const. Kyle Vanditmars hiked to the scene and found Chevy had managed to scramble down a steep dirt embankment and was lodged about 3-meters below the top of the cliff.

Not a good place for a pooch — or anyone — to be.

The view from where Chevy was stranded. Photo: Margot Wikjord/RCMP

Vanditmars and Fire Chief Doug Wilson, who also joined the effort, then went to work.

The pair used climbing and rappelling gear to get down to Chevy and then bring her back up to her relieved owners.

Chevy rescued! Pictured here with Const. Vanditmars. Photo: Margot Wikjord/RCMP

“Chevy showed her appreciation, in her own way by giving a little cuddle to each Cst. Vanditmars and Chief Wilson before beginning her journey home with her mom,” RCMP posted on social media later.

Chevy on a more comfortable perch. Photo: Margot Wikjord/RCMP

Police also offered a tip for pet owners venturing into the wild.

“This is absolutely a good reminder to keep your dogs on a leash when hiking and exploring our beautiful back country,” RCMP posted.

A local front line Logan Lake RCMP officer partnered with the Fire Chief, of the Logan Lake Volunteer Fire Department,…

Posted by BC RCMP on Friday, May 7, 2021

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