Police saying FB post saying they’ve okayed breaking car windows to rescue dogs is fake

You may have seen the FB post being shared around saying police are now telling people it’s legal to bust windows to rescue dogs trapped inside in hot weather.

Regina Police in Canada have issued a friendly reminder that breaking a window is not a step passerbys should take. In Ireland, the gardai (police) also say the viral post isn’t true.

The post says police recommend people should film the hot dog inside the car and then break the window to prove what happened. But authorities say that’s not true.

The service took to social media on Monday to clarify the law, saying they’d received a number of questions from the public on the topic, citing a popular Facebook post that claims it’s permissible to break someone’s car window to rescue a dog in distress.

A spokesperson with the Ireland police service also said the post is false. They urge members of the public not to follow the instructions in the Facebook post as they would be liable for criminal damages.

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