Pony poops on live TV, no teleprompter needed for giggle fit

This is what happens when your guest sh*ts on the carpet.

Monet the guide pony gave a Scottish morning show a run for its money this week.

On Tuesday, STV‘s This Morning host Phillip Schofield mentioned that while guide dogs are not prone to pooping on the kitchen floor, he inquired about ponies.

“Are the house trained? Can they be house trained?,” he asked his guest.

Monet gave the answer.

“There you go,” he said, pointing to the growing pile of road apples. “That’s perfect timing,”

Co-host Holly Willoughby couldn’t contain her laughter as their mortified guests were rendered near speechless.

Hence, Monet the poo-ny, the Scottish broadcaster proclaimed.

Hilarity ensued after Monet the pony had a major oops moment live on This Morning – bang on cue as well!” STV noted.

Poop and scoop alert.

And, as Schofield said, there are “limitations between horses and dogs.”

If you can’t laugh at yourself.

Photo STV/Twitter

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