Primate sanctuary, home of Ikea monkey, primed for eviction

Remember Darwin the Ikea monkey? After a lengthy court battle the wayward primate found wandering in an Ikea parking lot in 2012, the Japanese Macaque wound up at Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in southern Ontario. But now he, along with 20 monkeys are facing eviction as the facility is in financial dire straights. The facility recently posted its plight online.

“Story Book Farm is being evicted from our current premises as of June 30th. The current housing for 20 monkeys, including Darwin “The IKEA Monkey” and Pockets Warhol, [main photo] the capuchin who creates collectible paintings, is being sold from underneath them. We need a financial miracle in the amount of $250 000 to purchase a new property. We are out of options and out of money. We are the only sanctuary of our kind in Ontario, and one of two primate sanctuaries in Canada.”

But its online crowdfunding campaign has only crested $6,000.

Meanwhile, just last week the Sunderland-based sanctuary says it was approached about housing two laboratory monkeys who need a retirement home, warning there are no other options available to them.

Story Book Farm has now brought in the big guns. Dr. Jane Goodall, world-renowned chimpanzee expert and animal rights advocate, has weighed in to offer her support in this message:

“All Canadians can be proud of the work done by the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary which rescues and cares for primates. But there’s a big problem. The farm has been sold out from under them and they need to vacate by June 30th.The monkeys need a new home. Even more important, they need money for a new home. In fact, they could use all kinds of help. Primates are our closest animal relatives. They deserve our help. We’ve saved these monkeys’ lives once. Now we need to save them again. Thank you.”

And, if you need any more evidence about the work the facility does. Take a look at Darwin before.

Ikea Monkey/Bronwyn Page
Ikea Monkey

And, now.

Darwin/Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary

h/t Toronto Star Photos Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary 

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