Protect your dog with a spiky, Kevlar-based “coyote vest”

When there’s a coyote sighting outside, Amina Akhtar posted on Twitter it’s time to put her dog Beanie in her coyote vest.

The #coyotevest is now famous after earning Beanie nearly 100,000 Likes. The vest was designed by Paul Mott, the CEO of the company which makes the vests after his family dog was killed by a coyote attack in Southern California.

The design is a vest with spikes and a Kevlar neck collar where coyotes have been known to target a dog’s most vulnerable spot and makes it difficult for their jaws to clamp on. There are also variations for cats.

Coyotes are venturing closer than ever to neighbourhoods and homes where domestic pets live. Fencing doesn’t always work and keeping pets indoors all the time isn’t an option for some cats and dogs.

The vests start at $100 US and also have other accoutrements including bite-activated shock devices and an LCD blinker.

Other people posted their photos of dogs and goats wearing the vests.

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