Proud Pop: Rare white lion cubs get to know dad at the Toronto Zoo

This is one very cool dad.

Fintan is father to four white lion cubs at the Toronto Zoo. The facility just posted a very chill video of the male cubs playing while dad, um, relaxes. The big cat doesn’t even seem to mind when one son tugs on his tail.


This is part of a new routine for the family. The cubs were born last Sept. 26-27 to first-time parents Fintan and Makali. And, dad seems to be taking fatherhood in stride.


“Our white lion cubs continue to grow and have slowly been introduced to dad Fintan,” the zoo noted on Facebook. “Every weekday, keepers are working on integrating the pride with Fintan and the cubs. All cubs are over 30lbs and as you can see, they are still very active, playful and rambunctious!”

Photos Toronto Zoo/YouTube

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