Pug plays frontman to Death metal ban Pugtopsy. That’s right, as in a dog.

Alan Cross is a one-man musical encyclopedia. His Journal of Musical Things, and Ongoing History of New Music radio broadcasts, are pretty much up-to-date bibles.

Which brings us to his recent musical highlight: A death metal band fronted by a Pug.

“Behold the glory that is Pugtosy and the debut single, ‘Snorts of Sorrow.’ That’s Pupcake on vocals,” Cross writes.

It was published on April 1, so this good be an April Fools Day ditty, but there’s a serious message embedded in the very weird video featuring the obligatory graveyard sequence, along with the pug perched atop a pentagram surrounded by a band of stuffies.

Pugtopsy reminds people to “adopt more dogs” while flashing images of pooches behind bars.

How could anyone say no to this face? Oh, and merch here.

Pugtopsy hits a high note with Snorts of Sorrow ArteryRecordings/YouTube

While we’re talking music. And, just in case you never saw this. May we present “Classic Album Covers Recreated With Kittens.” And also, “The Kitten Covers,” which boasts “legendary albums from a world dominated by kittens.”

You will not regret clicking the links. They are things of beauty.


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