Puppies look like pandas and no dye was involved

Several puppies born in the city of Yancheng in China last month bear a striking resemblance to pandas.

The puppies owner says out of a litter of six, three were born looking like pandas. He says they are the real thing, not like other pets where some owners are now dying their dogs hair to look like pandas.

The dog’s mother is a regular stray off the streets.

The unusual markings came about when the puppies’ owner introduced a brown Chinese rural dog mother to a white Pekingese dog father.

Three of the litter were reportedly born a more natural colour but these three had grey and white fur apparently turned black and white after they were born in January.

Despite a trend a few years ago when some pet owners in China dyed their pets’ fur, these are apparently the real deal.

h/t: ABC 

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