Puppy abandoned with words “FREE” and “GOOD HOME ONLY” written on its fur

A sweet-natured puppy was abandoned in a cruel way, covered in permanent marker with words scrawled on her fur including Free, Good Home Only and I am a gift from God.

The circumstances of how the dog, now renamed Marvella, was left in a cage isn’t known or who her previous owner was. But Marvella is now at the Ross County Humane Society Shelter in Ohio.

Brittany May at the shelter took the photos which are heartbreaking.

Jenn Thomas, Ross County Humane Society Shelter Director, says the dog will be available for adoption next week.

“THIS is not acceptable,” she wrote. “THIS is why we run around trying to scoop up puppies before they end up in homes that can’t take care of them, won’t get them fixed, tie them to a dog box, or worse. THIS is why we are SUCH advocates to the point of annoyance with spay/neuter.”

Applications can be made at www.rosscountyhumanesociety.org.



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