Putin gets new puppy during visit to Serbia

Vladimir Putin received a new Shepherd puppy from his Serbian president counterpart during a tour to the country.

A Sarplaninac, which is a Yugoslavian Shepherd, has already given the puppy a nickname, calling him Pasha.

“What a cutie!,” he said taking the puppy in his arms after the first round of talks with Vucic.

The Sarplaninac or Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog is a canine breed, which hails from the Balkan Peninsula that is used to protect flocks of sheep in the mountains and as a guard dog.

According to legend, Alexander the Great’s warriors had imported the ancestors of these dogs, the Tibetan mastiffs, during his eastern military campaigns.

“The puppy has an impressive pedigree of seven generations. This is our oldest native breed of dogs, and it is well known that President Putin loves this breed of canine,” a source in Vucic’s administration told the Blic newspaper earlier.

Putin earlier received puppies as a gift from Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Japan and Kyrgyzstan.


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