Quarantined after being rescued, Clover the dog gets a second chance

It took rescue volunteers and more than two dozen public workers to get Clover off a cliff at Garret Mountain Park in New Jersey

Clover was discovered by a hiker at the park midway up a steep cliff, trapped last week. The white poodle mix was stuck on the narrow ravine. For nearly three hours. two dozen firefighters, an animal control officer and sheriff officers tried to coax Clover out with food.

But she wasn’t biting. Finally a rescue volunteer rappelled 50 feet to carry her to safey.

Since then, Clover has gotten a makeover including trimming her thick clump of tangled fur. She appeared to have been abandoned by her previous owner

“Her ear is one giant mat,” said Jennifer Nolan, the technician who was holding Clover.

The dog recoiled when the buzzing approached her face and she needed to be sedated before her face, ears and feet were cleaned up.


h/t: North Jersey.com

Photo credit: Kevin Wexler


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