Queen Elizabeth II: Lover of dogs, horses and all creatures great and small

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be remembered for many things, including her deep love of animals.

The Queen’s dedication to dogs (especially her Corgis), and horses (she was an avid equestrian), as well as critters of all shapes and sizes, has characterized the monarch’s historic 70-year reign.

During her time on the throne, the Queen also happened to be a guardian of two giant tortoises, an elephant, a sloth and two jaguars. Some of those creatures lived at the London Zoo.

Animals left behind, including her dogs, will be cared for, according to reports.

Everything — and everyone — from horse shows to animal shelters and kennel clubs to artists and photographers around the world are celebrating the Queen’s four-legged legacy left behind on this, the day of the monarch’s passing.

She was 96.

She was also a dog person, a horsewoman, and really was, Queen of the pack.

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