Quite possibly world’s tiniest cast on world’s cutest baby squirrel

It’s not often you see baby squirrels.

And you especially don’t see them like this.

A snoozing pip-squeak in a bright green cast.

This is Katrina recovering from a broken front leg. Orphaned Wildlife Centre/Facebook

The Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York said when a wicked windstorm rolled through last week, the wee squirrel was hurt when a tree was blown over.

“A very kind woman heard a tree crash in the woods while working at a horse farm,” the facility said in a Facebook post. “She kept hearing crying sounds …so after she was done with her chores she went to investigate and found two tiny baby squirrels. They had been in a nest in the tree and now were laying helpless on the ground, cold and upset, no mom in sight. She scooped them up and called us.” 

Catskill Veterinary Services called Katrina the “smallest patient of the day.”

(Not to stop there, this week the vet clinic operated on a young rat with an eye injury.)

Seriously. Look at this fella.

“Smallest patient special!” the clinic wrote.

No kidding.

But back to Katrina.

The ordeal certainly hasn’t hurt Katrina’s appetite.

“Little Katrina is doing pretty well! Her fingers were very swollen the first few days, but all in all she is recovering nicely,” the facility said.

Here she is feasting away.

Fare well, little squirrel.

Be very well.

Photos Orphaned Wildlife Center/Facebook

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