Rabbit Rescue: Big scare for wayward hare at Dublin Airport

A storm named Emma tore through the United Kingdom.

But it was one lost bunny named Emma caught in the midst of it that really has the world’s attention.

Emma, the furry version, was rescue while running wildly amid the snow and ice at the Dublin Airport over the weekend.

The hare marched right up to an airport police officer turned wildlife rescue worker.

The entire ordeal was caught on video.

Despite its lack of passport, the hare wasn’t at all all foreign pest.

And took right away to human caregivers.

Even making all kinds of friends.

Including the K9 unit, which helped in the unusual rescue.

The little bunny will eventually be released into the wild.

This is one lucky rabbit.

Don’t worry. The “Hareport” assures us Emma is doing just fine.

Photos Dublin Airport/Twitter

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