Raccoon climbs a dizzying 700 feet for best view of Toronto

For Rob MacFarlane,  a tower crane operator, this was another day high above the streets of Toronto. Until someone, or rather, something crashed his worksite at a downtown condo Thursday morning.

“This critter climbed over 700′ to crap on my machine deck,” MacFarlane, who goes by the handle @SkyJacked793, posted on Twitter.

Raccoons, of course, are amazingly crafty with their paws. (So crafty that the city just introduced garbage bins that are supposed to be impermeable to the clever creatures.) When first posted, the raccoon became an instant Twitter sensation leaving MacFarlane to tell the tale from his gravity-defying perch.


 The critter climbed up this L7 condominium tower at Yonge Street and The Esplanade. 

MacFarlane said said the raccoon hissed and then clamoured down the the side of the crane. But not before becoming internet famous at least for one day.


Photos SkyJacked793/Twitter

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