#RallyGoose: Canada goose flies foul during Detroit Tigers game

Comerica Field in Detroit was invaded last night by a marauding goose.

The goose was loose mid-game — and during a rain delay — as the Tigers took on the Los Angeles Angeles.

The feathered friend took up residence and wasn’t keen to leave.

Rally Goose rounds the bases in Detroit. Detroit Tigers/Twitter

Detroit quickly nicknamed the bird Rally Goose.

A wild goose chase indeed.

But then things went south.

“Oh! Ran into the score board,” the announcer could be heard saying.  Down goes the goose.”

The goose flew right into the scoreboard. Detroit Tigers/Twitter

“The poor thing. Hopefully he’s alright.”

“He’s okay.”

Down but not out. Yet, anyway. Detroit Tigers/Twitter


And everyone was grateful.

Still, the cross-border Toronto Blue Jays threw the team some shade.

Oh, and the Tigers won 6-1. Full credit to Rally Goose.

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