FAVE POST: Rare Amazonian fish found with human teeth in New Jersey

Now this is freaky.

Ron and Frank Rossi were fishing at Swedes Lake in New Jersey last moth when they caught an unusual looking fish.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before in the lake. It was different,” Frank Rossi told WPVI.

Initially the father-son fishermen thought it as a piranha. But they saw something that startled them. When the fish opened up its mouth, the fishermen saw human-like teeth.

The father-son duo thought it was a piranha until they opened up its mouth and saw its human-like teeth. The Rossi’s discovered it was a South American Pacu after looking it up online.

Also, while Pacu do have teeth they are not sharp. The Rossi’s say that’s how they confirmed the fish’s identity.

“We did pull the bottom lip down to see what they looked like and they have almost human teeth. It’s exactly what it looked like on the Internet,” said Ron.

The question now is – How did a freshwater fish from South America end up in a man-made lake in New Jersey?

State officials say the answer begins with people buying Pacu from pet stores for their aquariums.

A spokesperson from the DEP sent a statement reading in part:

“Many times, these fish are deposited into lakes by pet owners. These fish do not survive in colder water, so we encourage people not to release it into the wild but to humanely destroy the fish.

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