Quebec Aquarium walrus has first Canadian baby born in captivity

It’s a walrus!

The Aquarium of Quebec announced Sunday via Facebook that it’s walrus Araliaq has given birth.

It’s a rare event as this is the only 7th baby walrus to arrive in a zoo since 1930 in North America. It’s the first time a Canadian aquarium has had a walrus birth.

Arnaliaq, a two year old walrus, gave birth naturally and without human interference Saturday morning.

Only 19 walruses are believed to have become pregnant in captivity in North America since 1930, including two at the Aquarium du Quebec.

Of the 19, Arnaliaq is the seventh to give birth.

The second pregnant female, Samka, is due at the beginning of June.

It will be weeks before aquarium staff go inside to see the baby walrus and how the mother is doing. The mother has been feeding the child.

For now, all the looking is taking place through a keyhole as staff lets nature do its work.

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