Rare black wolf caught on video by Voyageurs Wolf Project in Minnesota

For years, the folks with Voyageurs Wolf Project have been studying and watching the wolves in the Northwoods border region of Minnesota.

Rarely do they spot a black wolf. Rarer still do they capture video of one just strolling by a trail camera.

“Just a few days ago we got our first daytime video of a black wolf!” the group tweeted. “And what neat footage with the fall colors and a neat looking wolf! A picturesque Northwoods autumn scene!”

The group has studied 10 or 11 wolf packs each year for the past three years, and not one had a black member. And, the wolves in this particular territory are typically grey.

Rare black wolf spotted in the woods of Minnesota. Photo: Voyageurs Wolf Project/Twitter

“We have had photos—no videos though— of black wolves in the winter during this period but these have all been lone wolves that are just passing by,” Voyageurs explained. “And this wolf is almost certainly a lone wolf as well.”

The video of the majestic animal is 16-seconds of bliss for wolf lovers.

Naturally, the unique sighting prompted followers to share pictures of their own “black wolves.”

And of course, this hero wolf movie gif.

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