Rare piebald moose spotted – and recorded on video – in Newfoundland

Gerard Gale was on the hunt for ghost, of sorts.

“I went for a drive in hopes of seeing him this evening,” the photographer from Newfoundland and Labrador recalled on May 22. “Went right up past the bridge turned around and said ‘trying to find a white moose is like trying to find an Alien’ just to happen on the way back I spotted him!”

The ghostly creature was right there, at Black Duck Siding.

It was mostly white in appearance.

But with a speckled coat, which mean it wasn’t an ablino, but a piebald.

Rare piebald moose captured on video in Newfoundland. Gerard Gale/Facebook

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Gale.

Just a few feet away from such a majestic – and unusual — creature. Even better: capturing everything on video. Gale posted the amazing 3-minute video – The Piebald Moose!!! – on his Facebook page.

He asked people to share his video.

“See how beautiful this amazing animal is,” he wrote.

Photos Gerald Gale/Facebook

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