Raw video: fawn rescue from flooded creek in Kansas City

The flooding in Missouri almost swamped a fawn stuck in the rising waters.

Firefighters twice tried to rescue the little deer but failed. Battalion chief Jimmy Walker said it was unsafe to attempt the rescue because they didn’t have the proper training or proper equipment.

Crews were waiting for the waters to recede so the fawn could get out on its own.

But strangers working together managed to grab the crying fawn and pull him to safety. Rebecca Willeford said she couldn’t wait for the waters to recede.

I just couldn’t leave. Human life, animal life, it’s all life.”

When crews left and the waters went down one man attempted to get the fawn. But the anxious critter ran further into the water.

After two tries, the fawn swam back to the concrete, where the man grabbed his legs.

They took the cold but otherwise unharmed fawn to the Lakeside Nature Center, where authorities take in wildlife.

It was an experience that none of the rescuers would forget, said Durrell Cox.

Made me feel good to save his life. It was a good experience.”

As the rescue crew took the fawn up the embankment, one of the rescuers could be heard in the video saying:

You made it litttle baby!”

h/t: CBC News

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